Coffee and Bakery

Coffee, Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch!
in the ❤️ of Bywater, New Orleans

Nestled at the corner of Dauphine and Independence, c'mon and join us at the Bakery for a rotating selection of delicious handmade food for Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch.

It started when Chaya was playing with her food in the shadows of the Culinary Institute in Upstate New York. Her mother was a rock climber and when it got dark, her and her friends from the local Culinary School would scurry off the cliffs and start cooking. Students and teachers alike spent Saturday nights listening to folk music and teaching Chaya the proper way to hold a knife or how to fold dumplings.

Breakfast Joy

Brunch offerings including fresh pastries (like croissants and muffins), delicious hot or iced Coast Roast coffee, and a variety of Go-Cups from Bacon & Egg to Shrimp & Grits to Yogurt, Granola & fruit and more!

Lunch Happiness

So many options, so little time! From Sandwiches and Soups to Hand Pies, Quiches & Salads - we're always debuting new items. We're also the only place in town featuring Ms. Linda Green's Ya-Ka-Mein!

Cake Love

Chaya invented the Chantilly Cake, and we feature a number of different varieties! Not to mention many other cakes of different types. Chocolate Doberge anyone? King Cake is also a specialty of ours... 😉

Fresh. Local. Delicious. Daily.

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2020 Adjusted Hours:
8 - 2, Thursday - Tuesday
Closed Wednesdays
3624 Dauphine St.,
New Orleans, LA 70117